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Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo
The Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo began on 19/10 and ends on 25/10, the fashion shows take place at Tokyo Midtown and around the capital. An event that has the purpose of showing the Japanese creativity to the world, bringing together 48 maisons / 51brands. The event itself is perfect for the situation in Japan: high quality in manufacturing, the domestic market with high purchasing power, investment in new designers attract new buyers and make Tokyo a city more fun and stylish (is it possible?: D). Most JFW stylists are graduated in fashion design, which receive financial support from the Japanese government to create their own brand. Without doubt, an inspiration to every student of fashion here in Brazil. The program of presentations in the event: * Tokyo Collection Week * JFW Designers’ Exhibition * SHINMAI Creator’s Project * Views textiles * NEW DESIGNER FASHION GRAND PRIX * Special events for the public consumer * Other events related to fashion

get into the fashion: Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo

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