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This 19-year-old Japanese girl with a cool two-color fringed-bob hairstyle was photographed in Harajuku. Her outfit consists of a stylish pair of glasses, a bow tie on a striped shirt, a Tsumori Chisato space-themed hoodie, a black pumpkin skirt (or shorts?), distressed leggings, and blue Velcro high tops. She said that her bag was from “London”, but we aren’t sure whether that’s a reference to a brand, or the place in England, or something else. Her favorite fashion brand is s u n a o k u w a h a r a by Sunao Kuwahara and her favorite shop is G2? – which is where the shopping bag that she’s carrying came from.

(via Japanese Girl in Glasses & Tsumori Chisato Hoodie)


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